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Sports Africa Network is a non-profit association which fully relies on membership fees to sustain its various activities. We encourage scholars and practitioners with interest in African sport studies and knowledge to join the network and participate in its various activities.

Benefits of Sports Africa Network Membership

As a member of the Sports Africa Network, you will join leading scholars and practitioners in a wide variety of sports studies disciplines and will have the unique opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with an rich network of academic scholars, researchers and practitioners on African sports. ASA members enjoy many benefits, including:

  •  Listing in the Sports Africa Network Online Membership Directory with a search feature to easily locate Sports Africa Network colleagues and individuals
  •  Access to Online list of experts and their profile
  •  Post professional profile on Sports Africa Network  website
  •   Discounted rates for Sports Africa Conferences Share and access professional development opportunities
  •  Extensive networking opportunities

 Sports Africa Network membership is open to scholars, students and practitioners from around the world, who have interest in African sports. Sports Africa Network membership is valid for one calendar year.

 Annual membership rates are as follows*:

 Faculty and professionals

  • Membership Non Africa base:  $50.00/year
  • Membership Africa base:  $10.00/year


  • Membership Non Africa base:  $20.00/year
  • Membership Africa base:  $0.00/year

Institution Membership

  • University, Department Non Africa:   $300.00/year
  • University Department Africa:   $150.00/year

Lifelong Membership: 

* Members of African Studies Association (ASA) can register directly when completing their ASA membership registration.




An affiliate of the African Studies Association (USA)



Advancing African Sports Studies

Mission Statement:

Make African sport studies an interdisciplinary, inclusive, accessible and integral part of the global conversation and scholarship on sports with the intellectually vibrant, creative and passionate community of practitioners and academics.


Board Members

Board of Advisors


Dr. Gerard Akindes
Josoor Institute, Qatar

Pr. Simon Akindes
University of Wisconsin-Parkside, USA

Pr. Peter Alegi
Michigan State University

Dr. Hikabwa D. Chipende
University of Zambia

Mr. Abi Ekoku
Candelisa, UK

Dr. Tarminder Kaur
University of Johannesburg
, South Africa

Dr. Matthew Kirwin
George Washington University

Ms. Bose Maposa
Ohio University, USA

Ms. Tasiyiwa Katie Mapondera
ibTECHar, Qatar

Mr. Papa Owusu-Kwarteng
Ohio University, USA

Dr. Martha Saavedra
University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Michele Sikes
Penn State

Ms. Sarah Laroque-Quenum
Communication Expert

Ms. Raquel Esteban
Editorial support




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