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Kwabena Owuso-Kwarteng
Ohio University

Kwabena Owusu-KwartengKwabena is a second graduate year student at Ohio University’s Center for International Studies with a specialization on Africa with research interests in sports, economics and operations within  aid and business environments.


Globalization and the African soccer manager: A lesson of failure for the leadership in African Sport

2010 has been dubbed the year of Africa by FIFA. Consequently, FIFA has awarded most of its major competitions to African nations during the football calendar, with the World Cup in South Africa serving as the crown jewel. Of the 6 African countries that have qualified to play in the World Cup, only Algeria and Nigeria have African managers at the helm of the teams. In the upcoming Nations Cup in Angola, over 50% of the Team Managers are expats born outside of Africa. In this age of globalization and fluid national borders, hiring the best man for the job should be the acceptable way to operate. However, experiences from different sections of the continent over time have shown this is not the case. Most often, European mercenary mangers with no background or experience are hired as Team Mangers at the expense of better qualified candidates who are often natives in the country of the hiring federation. The predicament of the African football manger is unique in the sense that, most African federations prefer to work with foreign coaches while the African Managers do not have the necessary experiences on their resumes to compete for the top jobs in Europe and other places. This paper explores the conditions that have led to the continued marginalization of the African Manger within and outside of Africa, the current solutions being explored and its effect on various levels of the continent.

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