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Ali Zyati
Marietta College

Ali Zyati


The political economy of Al Jazeera sports in North Africa.

For years, North Africans have been enjoying watching their favorite local and national teams compete at all levels and competitions. The emergence of big media businesses in sports has changed all that. The Saudi Arab radio and Television (ART) and the Qatari Al Jazeera Sports have been competing over the hearts and minds of North African fans. The end result, a total monopoly of Al Jazeera Sports after it acquired ART in 2010. Today, it is more likely that fans would not watch their own national teams compete in South Africa. Organizing, covering, and getting exposed to sport events have acquired a different set of meaning to local governments as well as to big businesses. Money and politics have damaged the traditional definition of “football” to players and fans alike. This paper tells the tale of 21th century Africa and its sports.

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Simon Akindes
Hugh Bartis
Virginia Bunker
Andrew Carlson
Andrew Guest
Andrea Frohne
Sheri Huckleberry
Jemadari Kamara - Patrick de Souza - Ousseynon Ndiaga Diop
Musonda Kapatamoyo
Siphokazi Magadla
Bose Maposa
Jennifer McArdle
Douglas Mpondi
Andrew Novak
Kwabena Owusu Kwarteng
Kristofer Olsen
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Martha Saavedra
Fletcher Ziwoya
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Ali Zyati
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