Astou Ndiaye (Keynote)
Simon A. Akindes
Garrett Ash
Derek Catsam
Pascal Charitas & Claude Kemo-Keimbou
Decius Chipande
Mark Crandall
Laya Djonobaye
Andrew Guest
Henri Kah
Matthew Kirwin
Flavius Mokake & Samba Camara
Walter Nkwi
Chuka Onwumechili & Sunday Oloruntolo
Kwabena Owusu-Kwarteng
Martin Sango Ndeh
Karin ter-Horst
Anna Tranfaglia
Ali Ziyati

Chuka Onwumechili
Howard University

Sunday Oloruntola
University of Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria, Football Fan Identity, and Transnational Media 

Abstract: This paper is a report of a quantitative survey of 312 Nigerian football fans to ascertain the relationship between their consumption of transnational media and attitudes toward foreign football and identification with foreign football. Thomas McPhail’s Electronic Colonialism Theory (ECT) is used as a framework for the study and, thus, several claims of the theory are tested in the process. Results of the study show that Nigerian fans have a positive attitude toward foreign football and express significant identification with European football teams and football players. However, there was low identification with European football artifacts leading to questions whether previous studies overstate identification with such artifacts. Importantly, the study also found some demographic correlations with fan attitude and/or identification with foreign football. These important demographic variables are frequency of transnational media usage and gender of the football fan!

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