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Monitoring and Evaluation of Sports-based Programming

UNICEF has been interested in the intersection of sport and development, particularly in sport programs that contribute to achieving the UNs Millennium Development Goals. To gain a better understanding of this, UNICEF is hosting a 3-day Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Sports-based Programming for Development. Organizations and individuals involved in sport and development will convene from around the world to share their experiences. That sports are good for child and adolescent development is known, but UNICEF wants to explore exactly how sports programs are impacting key development indicators. What are the indicators being used to determine success? How do the various organizations measure impact? How to move from the anecdotal evidence that sports works to quantitative measures of its value in certain key areas of development? In break-out sessions, participants will collaboratively develop logic models for sports based programming in three areas:

  • HIV/Aids
  • Education and social inclusion with a focus on gender equity
  • Child protection with a focus on protection against violence and post-conflict peace-building
An expected outcome are monitoring & evaluation framework(s) for each of these areas that will lead to more results-based programming.
Martha Saavedra
Since 1993, Martha Saavedra has been the Associate Director of the Center for African Studies, an interdisciplinary research center supporting basic research and training of scholars as well as providing resources on Africa to the greater community. With a doctorate in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley (1991), her research has included agrarian politics and ethnic conflict in Sudan, and gender and sports in Senegal and elsewhere in Africa. She has taught at St. Mary's College of California and at UC Berkeley, and her courses have covered a range of topics, including political economy in the third world, women in Africa, women and international development, and gender and sports. Her publications include articles and chapters on various aspects of gender and sport and on ethnic politics in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. She is currently working on the question of Islam, sport and gender in Africa. She is on the editorial boards of Soccer and Society; Sport in Society; and The Interdisciplinary Journal of Sports in Africa. She serves on the executive board of the West African Research Association. A veteran of Title IX battles, she has played soccer for 30 years and now coaches her son's team.
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