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The Women, Gender and Sport in Africa symposium kicked off with a keynote address by Ms. Carol Bellamy on February 24 th, 2006. Ms. Bellamy, former executive director of UNICEF, is currently president and CEO of the World Learning and President of the School of International Learning. >>more about Ms. Bellamy

The following day, on Saturday February 26 th , presentations and discussions by scholars and practitioners explored the multi-disciplinary and multiple dimensions of African sport with a specific focus on female athletes. The presentations looked at gender and sports in Muslim societies, women's national teams, traditional female sports, masculinity, sport and gender and identity formation, sports as a microcosm of gender inequity, and sports as a tool of female self-empowerment.

Abstracts and short videos by the presenters summarize the content of the presentations.

The conference organizers sincerely hope that the dialogue will be pursued beyond this initiative, was not only intellectually engaging, but also a source of inspiration for future scholarly and practical endeavors.


Interviews and Video by:



Gerard Akindes
Ohio University
Grover Center E211
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Matthew Kirwin
Michigan State University 
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Videos - Abstracts - Bios

Carol Bellamy

Susan Baller

Irene Peano

Peter Alegi

Jennifer Hustwitt and Kira Manser

Ennie L. M. Ndoro

Sarah Hillyer and Ashleigh Huffman

Marianne Meier

Rob Myers

Pelle Kvalsund

Priscilla Karuru

Bathseba Opini

Kimberly Bodey

Scott Youngstedt

Assan Sarr

Selam G-Alemayo

Lewis Chongwani

Douglas Mpondi

Interviews and Videos by: Juliette Storr and Youssouf Diallo


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