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Recapturing youth through sport in a peaceful South Sudan
Colin Lasu
This paper examines notions of resilience, the ability to rebound from a traumatic experience to a sense of normalcy, among South Sudanese young men in Panyagor,
South Sudan. This case study is based on observations of a four-day soccer tournament. The paper is also an examination of a post-war environment and the role and impact that this soccer tournament, the first of its kind, meant for the young men who participated in it. 
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Guillaume Bakadi
Timothy Adivilah
Scarlett Cornelissen
Colin Lasu
Rob Myres
Wycliffe Wekesa Njororai Simiyu
Dean Ravizza
Andrew Owusu, Peggy O'Hara Murdock and Norman L. Weatherby
Andrew Owusu, Norman L. Weatherby & Bill Whitehillk
David Winterstein
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