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Judy McPherson
Play Soccer Non Profit International

Judy McPherson
Judy McPherson
Judy McPherson serves as the Chair of the PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International Board (PSNI) and PSNI’s Chief Executive Officer. After retiring as Deputy Director at UNICEF in 1999, Judy founded PLAY SOCCER and has been engaged and committed since then as a full time volunteer for the organization’s development and management. The holistic core program of the organization is shaped by her lifelong interest in socio-economic development and her diverse professional experience and training. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Columbia University, Judy went on to work in public health in New York City and other locations before earning an MPA from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Following graduate study, Judy joined Chase Manhattan Bank and completed its training program in international banking; was the director and a founding member of the Women’s Institute for Continuing Education at the American University in Paris; a consultant at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); and a Vice President at Gulf International Bank (GIB) in New York, before joining UNICEF headquarters in New York in 1990.

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Judy McPherson
Anisa Adem
Nneka Agwuegbo
Peter Alegi
Terri Byers - Simon Chadwick
Trevors Slack
Selam Gerher-Alemayo
Steve Howard
Musonda Kapatamoyo
Douglas Mpondi
Kelsey Moore
Rob Myres
Sifiso Ndolovu
Wycliffe W. Njororai
Christine Potts
Martha Saavedra
Ousmane Sene
Tyler Spencer
Juliette Storr

Interview: Christine Potts - Alison Reis - Bose Maposa

Camera: Ken Dobo - Andrews Oforie-Birikirang- Ebenezer Malcam

Video Editing: Ken Dobo

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