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Tyler Spencer
University of Virginia/Georgetown University



Exploring the Impact of Social Context on a South African Sport-Based Life Skills Education Program

Southern Africa is one of the world’s hotspots for both HIV transmission and AIDS mortality. Both HIV prevalence and incidence rates in South Africa are highest among youth, and these rates are especially alarming in diamond mining communities and at towns located near border posts. In 2006, the DeBeers Diamond Corporation piloted an AIDS prevention partnership with Grassroot Soccer, a non-governmental organization whose mission is to use the power of sports as a vehicle to disseminate HIV awareness and education. As part of the partnership, a community-based peer education intervention was planned for Musina, South Africa, a town located 80 km from the DeBeers Venetia Mine and 14 km from the Zimbabwe Beit Bridge border post. This exploratory case study, which was conducted simultaneously with program planning and implementation in Musina, consisted of 26 interviews with community stakeholders, 4 focus group discussions, field notes, and a series of pre- and post-i
ntervention knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs surveys administered to the stakeholders. The goal was not simply to evaluate Grassroot Soccer’s peer education activities but also to focus on the context in which this work was being conducted, in light of the organization’s ongoing debates about how to best promote social environments most likely to support their HIV prevention efforts

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Judy McPherson
Anisa Adem
Nneka Agwuegbo
Peter Alegi
Terri Byers - Simon Chadwick
Trevors Slack
Selam Gerher-Alemayo
Steve Howard
Musonda Kapatamoyo
Douglas Mpondi
Kelsey Moore
Rob Myres
Sifiso Ndolovu
Wycliffe W. Njororai
Christine Potts
Martha Saavedra
Ousmane Sene
Tyler Spencer
Juliette Storr

Interview: Christine Potts - Alison Reis - Bose Maposa

Camera: Ken Dobo - Andrews Oforie-Birikirang- Ebenezer Malcam

Video Editing: Ken Dobo

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