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Sports in Africa 2010 Conference

Since its inception in 2004, the Sports in Africa Symposium has sought to foster meaningful dialogue on the interface of sports and Africa among academics, practitioners, media, NGOs and the public. In continuing the multi-disciplinary exploration and study of African Sport, the theme Politics and Globalization represented the leading topic of 2010 symposium. 

South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2010 was the opportunity for the conference presenters to share a diverse and original range of studies on sports in Africa. Following the keynote address by Mr. Hugh Bartis from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University set the tone by presenting South Africa's tourism industry facing opportunities and challenges with the FIFA World Cup. Other presenters discussed topics such as the African participation and contribution to global sport, global media networks, sport and development, gender, music, art, poetry and coaching.

The FIFA World Cup in South Africa was also the opportunity for the 2010 Sports in Africa Conference to honor the memory of an exceptional anti-apartheid activist and poet Dennis Brutus.

Homage Dennis Brutus

Zakes Mda 
Ohio University Professor and South African Novelist

Zakes Mda talks of Dennis Brutus, the poet and the Anti Apartheid activist

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Simon Akindes
Hugh Bartis
Virginia Bunker
Andrew Carlson
Andrew Guest
Andrea Frohne
Sheri Huckleberry
Jemadari Kamara - Patrick de Souza - Ousseynon Ndiaga Diop
Musonda Kapatamoyo
Siphokazi Magadla
Bose Maposa
Jennifer McArdle
Douglas Mpondi
Andrew Novak
Kwabena Owusu Kwarteng
Kristofer Olsen
Mike Raskys
Martha Saavedra
Fletcher Ziwoya
Tyler Spencer
Ali Zyati
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