Lyndon Bouah and Christo De Coning

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Lydon Bouah Bio

Dr Lyndon Bouah is the Chief Director for Sport and Recreation in the province of the Western Cape. He has contributed to the writing of the National Sport and Recreation Plan in South Africa. he is currently a member of the Netball World Cup 2023 Board.







Findings of the Provincial Case for Sport in the Western Cape province of South Africa by Bouah L, De Coning C and Keim M.

In 2012 the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport embarked upon a study to determine the economic case for sport in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The longitudinal study showed that major opportunities exists to position sport and recreation as a sector with comparative advantage in increasing economic growth and tourism as well as related employment and social development in a province that is well positioned to do so as a leading destination.

The provincial case for sport was first published in 2014 and the follow up research in 2019. This paper will explore the findings and its implications for the province and the country as a whole.  The findings set out the significant contribution to the socio- economic development of the province. They furthermore highlighted the socio- economic contribution to the provincial GDP and employment and explored the interplay between sport and cultural events and the potential that various sporting types possess.

The study is the first attempt worldwide to develop a comprehensive case for sport and recreation at the provincial level as well as an improved understanding of the socio-economic benefits of sport and recreation at the level of federations and NGO’s and demonstrates that sport and recreation and sport tourism are some of the fastest growing economic contributors in the Western Cape.

 Key Words: Case for sport and recreation – Benefits of sport – Impact of sport – Socio economic impact of sport – GDP

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