Chalukulu B. John

Chalukulu B. John

Dr Chalukulu Bilinzozi John has followed an interesting career path to his current role as a Senior Sports Officer and Head of Sports Technical Department for the Tanzania National Sports Council (NSC). He holds a Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Education in Physical Education, Sport and Culture from the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Master of Science in Sport Science from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway and Master of Educational Studies majoring on Leadership and Youth Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia. In August 2017, the University of Melbourne in Australia conferred him with a doctorate degree in education. His main area of research includes youth development through sports, youth and belonging and youth and citizenship. His recent doctorate thesis explored the impact of sports-oriented youth development programs on the Tanzania youthful population. He has also co-authored a report published by the Youth Research Centre of the Graduate School of Education, Melbourne University titled Global Youth and Spaces of Belonging in China, Australia and Tanzania. Besides that, John has been a national coordinator for youth and life skills development through sports within the NSC in Tanzania. He has also been a coordinator for Beckwith International Leadership Development (BILD) Tanzania – a project funded by Sir John Beckwith through UK Sport International.

Co-author: Johanna WN
Youth Research Center
Melbourne University

Belonging Experience from Young People Participating in Selected Youth Sport Programs (YSPs) in  Tanzania
The need to belong and be accepted by others is common to all human beings across cosmos and cultures. Drawing on the Generic Youth Development Framework (GYDF) (Wierenga & Wyn, 2011), this study explores how the practice of youth sport programs (YSPs) fosters a sense of belonging in young Tanzanians. It uses a mixed-methods research design to reflect data from a
survey and focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of young people participating in sports in a youth development context. To generate empirical evidence, two selected YSPs located in two different metropolitans were used as case studies from which 123 young people aged between 15 and 24 from participated in the survey, and 14 participants took part in the focus groups. Results suggest that YSPs impacted heavily upon the development of a sense of belonging in young people through active engagement and civic activities.

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