Collins Kaluba

Collins Kaluba
University of Zambia

Collins Kaluba is a lecturer at the University of Zambia. He holds Msc. Educational Effectiveness and Instructional Design, a bachelor of Education- Primary with a bia in Physical Education and Certictae in Teacher Education. He taught Physical Education and Sport in diploma and Bachelors degree programmes. He areas of research interest are Quality in Education, Teacher professionalism and instruction and teaching methods and the role of play and games in early education.

He is a PhD student at the University of Pretoria in South Africa is research question being How does teacher identity influence the implementation of the physical education curriculum in Zambian schools.

Co-author: Garikai Membele

Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) by joggers: Beyond Physical Education and Sport.
This concept paper concentrates on the opportunities that the rapidly evolving area of geospatial data and tools, a subset of social networking and usergenerated web content that has been termed volunteered geographic information (VGI) provides to joggers and physical education enthusiasts. Road users in Zambia face numerous challenges which include bursting of pipes
due to vandalism, falling billboards and trees on the roads which adversely affect the flow of traffic. Information on these impediments are hardly shared in time hence a lot of road user get caught up to an extent there traffic jams are exacerbated in the city.

Joggers who usually are on the road very early in the morning or late in the evening can use VGI to share particular experiences good or bad to other road users in real time. This can help them other road users were necessary to use alternative roads or indeed inform responsible institutions to act quickly. What joggers need to share their experiences on the road while sporting is a smart phones (placed in an armband or pouch) which has a GPS enable camera for
capturing a geo-tagged (georeferenced) images. The captioned image can then be shared using mobile Apps or social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook including Open Street Map or Wikimapia. Doing this will not only help improve one’s sporting experience but also enable a jogger to go beyond the Sport and perform a civic duty which would benefit other road users.

Keywords: Volunteered Geographic Information, Civic duties


Grade 8 Physical Education Learner’s Book Review: Beyond Physical Education and Sport?

This paper is a book review of the Junior Secondary Physical Education Course for Zambia Learners Book Grade 8, a key reading resource of Physical Education for Junior Secondary schools in Zambia. The review sets out to establish the learner friendliness of the book vis-à-vis learner focused outcomes, interactivity and overview structuring statements addressing the learners.
The study revealed that the book is the first of its kind for the Junior Secondary Physical Education school course.
The content to a large extent, confirms adherence to the syllabus in terms of scope and sequence. Generally, the book utilises appropriate models, illustrations and takes into account both male and female users.
It was observed however, that the book exhibited a few limitations in that it lacked overview structuring statements that introduce the learners to the units. In addition, objectives addressing each unit were not explicit in the majority of the units but rather, were implied learning objectives.
It was noted furthermore that the book lacked ‘pupil focused’ style of writing and appropriate learning activities. Thus, in terms of interactivity, there was little or none at all.
Lastly, the review appraises the books’ content and its adherence to the syllabus, although the processes of acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that primarily are unique to Physical Education and those that attempt to go beyond Physical Education as an academic course need strengthening.
The review concluded that the Junior Secondary Physical Education Course for Zambia Learners Book Grade 8 is an essential Physical Education resource that requires critical evaluation and revision.There is need to make the book more user friendly and interactive to permit it go beyond classroom Physical Education and Sport by promoting entrepreneurship and values in the enhancement of quality curriculum implementation and realisation of Vision 2030.

Co-author: Katongo Moongaba

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