David Bogopa

David Bogopa

David Bogopa is an academic based at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. His research work has been published in a number of peer reviewed journals as well as book chapters and he is the sole author of the book entitled “Shebeen Culture in South Africa”. His research interests include, political cultural and socio-economic issues, labour related issues, gender and sport development as well indigenous knowledge systems.

Anthropological Lens On Criminal Activities Within TThe South African Soccer: Selected Cases In Both Amateur And Professional Structures.

.Football is considered the beautiful game in the global village. What makes it beautiful is the notion of zero tolerance on issues of racism including other forms of exclusion. The world football mother body FIFA emphasizes “Fair Play” at all times. FIFA donated a huge amount of money for the development of the beautiful game in South Africa after the 2010 World Soccer Tournament. The focus of this chapter is on some of the challenges facing the South African Soccer at both amateur and professional levels. The main focus is to highlight some of the alleged criminal activities committed both players and administrators. Further, the aim of this paper is to contribute within the anthropology of soccer in South Africa particularly with reference to criminal activities. This study follow a qualitative approach which will include among others, individual interviews using the interview schedule. To supplement the above interviews, secondary sources ranging from the relevant journals, books, policy documents, newspaper articles and reports were utilized. This paper also provides the research findings with the view of showing the challenges facing soccer in South Africa. The paper conclude by providing the recommendations with the view of resolving some of the issues raised.

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