Maurine Ningal

Maurine Ningal



Gender Bias in Sports
Reporting in Select Print Media in Kenya


Much of the literature on gender inequality in sport is devoted to media bias and conceptualizations of masculinity and femininity. In comparison, there is a paucity of empirical research on the sex pay gap. Media can shape the public’s perceptions of the accomplishments of women playing sports and whether women in general can be strong, confident and highly skilled. The media also shapes the dreams and aspirations of girls. Boys grow up watching television, bombarded by heroic and confident images of themselves playing sports and being revered for their accomplishments. However, Women face gender discrimination in every space, and sports is no exception to this. It is males that dominate in sports at all levels of sports, and women athletes have less or no recognition due to male dominance in sports. The domination of male athletes is evident even in the media coverage and corporate support offered to athletes.  This research is therefore intended to establish the gaps and gains in sports coverage by the Kenyan media on women.  Given that media frames our perceptions and therefore the quantity and quality of media coverage of women’s sports need to be examined.

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