Mirriam Nanyinza

Mirriam Nanyinza

Mirriam Nanyinza is a Coach educator (Trainer of Trainers) under British council and the Premier League, FAZ D license, coach in Netball, Football and Volleyball.
Mirriam is currently working as an Assistant Project officer at National Organization for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation NOWSPAR, Former YSEP Youth Sports Exchange Program in Norway 2015-2016, Mirriam has over 12 years work experience and volunteering in sports and physical education.
Apart from been a coach my interest of work has been in sports and educating young girls and women in life skills and sports skills, using sports to address daily problems /challenges youth face in their daily lives and how best it can be solved.

co-author: Katongo Bwalya Moonga

An investigation into the effects of premier skills programme in Zambia

Premier Skill’ is an international partnership between the British Council and the Premier League. The programme uses football to supposedly develop a brighter future for young people around the world.Premier Skills provides opportunities for coaches, referees and players to become better integrated into their local communities, to develop their skills for employability and raise their self-esteem. Premier Skills currently runs in 29 countries across Asia, Africa and the Americas.
According to the Premier Skills, a key element of their project is a three-phase development programme for local community-level coaches and referees, which are said to be delivered by professional coaches from the Premier League clubs. This is aimed at building local capacity and leaving a sustainable legacy in participating countries through training Premier Skills Coach Educators from partner organisations.
In Zambia, premier skills are targeting a 50/50 gender balance in their community coach and referee training.The National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) is a non-governmental organization that works to promote the equitable engagement of women in sport, physical activity and recreation in Zambia. Working with Premier Skills, NOWSPAR engages the interest in Football of many Zambians allegedly develop leadership skills in young people and engage their local communities through sport training.
Since 2014, they have trained 80+ coaches and referees who are to cascade leadership training and fair play practices in sport to hundreds more community-based trainers.
Through interviews of 40 participants of this program, the study reviewed the impact of the Premier Skills programme on their livelihood. The findings of the study are important given that the program does not have an evaluation plan

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