Samson Chuube

Samson Chuube

Mr. Samson Chuube is a lecture of Physical Education and Sport at the University of Zambia in Lusaka. He has a Bachelor degree of Science with Physical Education and a Master of Physical Education and Sports Science. His research interest is in Physical Education and Sport and he has written articles in Physical Education and Sports. He has taught Physical Education and Sport at High School level for 5 years and has conducted several Sports Management courses for sports administrators. His coaching interest is in basketball at different levels.


The challenges of teaching Physical Education and Sports: Experiences of Physical Education teachers in urban and rural areas of Zambia

This qualitative study compares the experiences of teachers from four schools two in Urban and two in Rural areas, which are secondary schools concerning Physical Education teachers with the aim of discovering what they can learn from each other and the challenges faced to the access of sport in both urban and rural African areas in particular Zambia. Through in-depth interviews with four experienced Physical Education teachers; two each from Urban and Rural, and using phenomenological research methods, the study sought to gain an understanding of the teachers’ experiences in relation to curriculum, pedagogy and administration of Physical Education Programmes in their different secondary schools. From these experiences the study identified the challenges faced by teachers in these two areas. There is a lot that Physical Education teachers can learn from each other in matters concerning curriculum time allocation, class sizes, teachers’ professional affiliation, equipment’s, examination and assessment, school sport, and use of technology, among others. Knowledge and understanding of these experiences may be of great help not only to teachers but also to education officials, sports administrators, curriculum planners and school boards. Other consequence of this study was that motivational task methodologies could help teachers to develop better their classes.

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