Bradley A Morris

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I am a post graduate student at Stellenbosch University pursuing an Honours degree in Education Curriculum. I have completed a B. Tech degree in Sport Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Currently my focus field is on Critical Pedagogy and Physical Education.






A historical-political perspective on physical education in South Africa during the period 1990-1999

This paper examines the political-historical trajectory of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) and the effect it had on Physical Education (PE) in South Africa for the period 1990-1999. The new post-Apartheid government inherited a PE curriculum infused with Christian National Education (CNE) and Fundamental Pedagogics (FP).  I present a historical critique of the creation of a new post-Apartheid learning area, called life Orientation (LO) that incorporated Physical Education (PE). The creation of this LO was done with a lack of critical, detailed, informed and open discussion at a national and local levels and an academic silence on political and economic implications around OBE and LO. The OBE was a political statement by the post-apartheid government wanting to show that changes have taken place. However, without any critical pedagogical substance for the LO learning area, PE diminished in importance at schools. I intervene here by exploring the political agenda around the decisions to implement OBE. My paper is thus a critical opposition to the now, discarded OBE. We concur with the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) that it was a crisis hurtling at speed towards a real abyss.


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