2007 Conference

The Center for Sports Administration, the Institute for African Child and the School of Health Sciences at Ohio University present the fourth
annual Sports and Africa symposium, entitled Health, Science and Sport in African Workshop. The symposium will examine the interface between health and sports in Africa and the development of pedagogy for youth sports for health education and implication of sciences in African sports.

The continent of Africa faces numerous health problems that not only diminish life longevity but also compromise economic and political
progress. Many argue that without an amelioration in public health, Africa will not be able to make other advancements. One prime example that illustrates this belief is the focus that the Gates Foundation has placed on public health issues. In this light, how may sports be used to improve the health of African people? On the other hand, should sports play a role in development or are they are they merely a distraction, in light of more pressing problems? Likewise this conference will also seek to understand the role of sports on a continent that in many ways lacks many of the main ingredients of athletic success, namely potable water, adequate nutrition, political stability and infrastructure.

The conference invites paper proposals that broadly address sports, health and science in Africa. Possible paper topics may include; sports as a form of public health sensibilization, sports as a tool of health betterment, and the diminishing emphasis on physical fitness programs in African schools.
Other potential proposals may include athletes’ and coaches’ training, youth development, biomedics, doping, “the stereotypical African athlete,” “scientific racism,” gendered science, facilities and infrastructure, North-South cooperation (and conflict).


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