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Ten Years – What’s next
The Institute for the African Child, the Center for Sports Administration and Latin American Studies will host the 10th conference on “Sports in Africa and the Global South: Ten years—What’s next?”. It is scheduled to take place April 10-12, 2014, in Ohio University’s main campus. >

Manute Bol and Thierno NdawLate Mr. Manute Bol and Thierno Ndaw, a conference participantThe first edition of the conference “Sports, Youth and Africa” in February 2004 was attended by participants from fourteen institutions from Africa and the United States. The following nine conferences addressed a variety of themes such gender, health, communication, politics and globalization invigorated Ohio University’s leading position in the field of Sports in Africa among US universities and contributed to the credibility and the development of the champ of African sport studies as a valuable interdisciplinary arena. The conference has also hosted known African sport achievers such as the late Manute Bol (former NBA legend), Amadou Fall (Vice President NBA Africa) and Lee Evans (USA Gold Medalist Olympics Mexico 1968) along with several accomplished scholars and leaders in the field of Sport and Development.
Among the major outcomes of the conferences are the following:
The launching of the electronic sports journal, IMPUMELELO, (Zulu word for Vision)
The establishment of a network database of more than 80 scholars from US, African, and European Universities.
The bringing together of practitioners from various organizations and foundations in the US, Africa and Europe.
Organization of and participation in panels devoted to sports in Africa, and the consolidation of the study of sports in Africa as a credible academic research field with an increasing attention and discipline and interdisciplinary publications:Lee Evans Mr. Lee Evans (Gold Medal 400m Olympics Mexico 68)
Publications various journals such as the Journal of Sport and Society, Soccer and Society, Sport in Society and book chapters on Sports in Development and Sports in Africa.
An upcoming edited book, Identity in African Football: Fans, Communities, Clubs, Nation, and Trans-nation including chapters by several of the conference participants(in Press, release scheduled in March 2014)
A youtube channel with more than 80 videos featuring 9 years of presentations on African Sports.
With the determination and passion of a group of scholars and practitioners of from Ohio University, other academic institutions and organizations across the US, Europe and Africa the Sports in Africa conference is an established reference for African sports in the US. The organizers invite and welcome scholars, policy makers, practitioners and with a passion, programs and interest in Africa
Lee Evans Mr. Amadou Fall (VP NBA Africa) with Khalid El Hassan and De Nyango Tafen (2005 Conference)

to join and contribute the conference panels, discussions an reflection

ttp://www.ohio.edu/sportsafrica/tenyears/registration.html. Scholars from France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Denmark, Ghana and various academic institutions and NGOs in the US will be presenting their research and projects at the conference in 2014.

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