Ademola Olasupo Abass

Ademola Olasupo Abass

Olasupo A. Abass
Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education University of Ibadan, Nigeria


Joined the University as an Assisstant lecturer in 1996; Promoted Lecturer 2; in 1998, Lecturer 1 in 2002; Senior lecturer in 2005; Reader in 2008 and Professor in 2011.
Research focus:

My research works in the field of Exercise Physiology are specifically focused on the following areas: Influence of Physical Training on Selected physical fitness components; Physiological Considerations for Improving Sports Training and Reproductive functions in Women and Contribution of Physical Activity and Exercise to the Management of Selected Health conditions and Disabilities.

I have over 60 publications in local and foreign peer-reviewed journals

Sports as a Catalyst for Rehabilitating and Protecting Street Children in Nigeria
The menace of street children has been a serious phenomenon attracting the attention of stakeholders globally. The street child is forced to live a life on the streets doing whatever he can to survive with abject poverty and exposure to stigmatisation, oppression and other serious dangers. Reports show that the number of street children in the world is estimated to be over 100 million. To put this statistic in perspective, that is more than the population of many countries
put together in Africa. Sport is being globally recognised as a powerful tool to promote peace both symbolically on the global levels and very practical within communities. In recognising the power of sports, the United Nations emphasized that; it could serve as a catalyst for peace, tolerance and social integration. Sport could be used as a medium to bring street children together in a safe space where they can be seen and their voices can be heard. This paper dealt with the role of sports as a Sports as a Catalyst for rehabilitating and protecting Street Children in Nigeria. Various problems and dangers associated with street children in Nigeria were highlighted. Copious examples of countries that have used sports to improve conditions of street children were cited and various suggestions were made on how some of these models could be adopted for use in Nigeria.

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