Bibian Kalinde

Bibian Kalinde

Bibian Kalinde is a Doctor of music with more than 10 years’ experience of music teaching in tertiary institutions. She taught at Evelyn Hone College for 7 years and has been a lecturer at the University of Zambia since 2010. She completed her Ph.D. and Master’s degree at the University of Pretoria in 2017 and 2010 respectively and her undergraduate studies at Kenyatta University. She teaches general music courses and classroom instruments to undergraduate students. Her research interests are in music education in tertiary and early childhood education.
Bibian’s publications include: Kalinde, B., & Munsaka, E. Laying a Foundation for Optimal Outcomes in Early Childhood Education (2017); Kalinde, B., & Vermeulen, D. (2016). Fostering Children’s Music in the Mother Tongue in Early Childhood Education: A case study in Zambia; Kalinde, B., (2013). The Implications of Arts Integration in Music Education in Zambian Basic Schools and Colleges. Kalinde, B. (2012). Mantimbwa and Mtyangala: Musical Bows played by Girls in Zambia. In recent years, her studies are focused on methodologies that incorporate music, play, movement and storytelling for teaching children in early childhood education as seen in collection and documentation of several Zambian children’s play songs.

Chilile Twangale Tulye: The blend of nutrition, music and physical activity in the attainment of modern physical fitness goals in Zambia

In the recent years, physical fitness has gained popularity in Zambia. This is evidenced by the opening of numerous gyms, aerobics centres and public workout events especially in urban areas. Among the reasons for the preoccupation with physical exercises; health and cosmetic appeal seem to rate highest. The blend of nutrition, music and physical activity are seen to be jointly playing a pivotal role in the attainment of modern physical fitness goals. A large number of physical workout centres have music accompanying the sessions superintended by instructors who are well aware of the cosmetic pursuits of weight loss in which nutrition information is elemental. The concept that dietary intake and physical performance go hand-in-hand is not a new one. Although it was not always the glossy, multi-billion pound, global industry it is today, the idea of sports nutrition is as old as sport itself. Research on the effects of music on exercise dates as far back as 1911 as seen in the works of Leonard Ayres. The interplay of music and exercise has been linked to the natural interrelation of music and movement as regards to synchronisation. This study investigated the effects of the combination music, nutrition and physical exercises on physical fitness in Lusaka based gyms and aerobic centres.
Results showed that music seemed to have a psychological effect on physical exercises.The study also reviewed that many of the gym instructors and attendants believed and acknowledged that certain foods or dietary habits had an impact on their body weight or general appearance.The findings of the study are important given that an awareness of the effect of music and nutrition on physical fitness can guide instructors and exercise enthusiasts on the type of music to use and appropriate food to eat in order to achieve maximum exercise performance.

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