David Bogopa

David Bogopa

David Bogopa is an academic based at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. His research work has been published in a number of peer reviewed journals as well as book chapters and he is the sole author of the book entitled “Shebeen Culture in South Africa”. His research interests include, political cultural and socio-economic issues, labour related issues, gender and sport development as well indigenous knowledge systems.

Contradictions with the South African Football Association and the Premier Soccer League


This paper focuses on the contradictions within the South African soccer higher structures, namely: the South African Football Association and the Premier Soccer League. The objectives of this paper is firstly, to reflect on the challenges facing (South African Football Association) and (Premier Soccer League),secondly, to contribute within the anthropology of soccer and thirdly, to come up with recommendations with the view to solve some of the problems. The research methodology employed in this research include person to person interviews using an interview schedule. To supplement the interviews, secondary sources were consulted which included relevant texts, journal articles, newspaper articles and electronic articles.

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