Denise Kamyuka

Denise Kamyuka

Denise Kamyuka
St. John’s University

Denise is a Masters in Sports Management Student at St. John’s University, hailing all the way from Botswana. She also currently works as the project manager for St. John’s University’s Institute for Interdisciplinary Sports Research and will soon be enrolling at the University of Western Ontario to pursue her Ph.D in Kinesiology.


Developing Opportunities through Legacy: Fallacy or Reality?

Historical institutionalism was utilized to measure “big structures, large processes, and [making] huge comparisons” (Tilly, 1984). In this study, the IOC, the UN, and African sport organizations were put under the lens of historical institutionalism, to find sequences of social, political and economic behavior. This paper journeys from the initiation of the YOGs in 2007, through to the establishment of the LSA in 2017, and finally to approving Senegal’s bid.

The paper relies heavily on case studies on previous YOGs and Youth Africa Games, to find lessons from the past that Senegal’s organizing committee (OC) can learn from. Results of historical data are synthesized into an African context, to acknowledge the different paths that the YOG can take in Senegal. Finally, this paper makes recommendations for the OC in preparation for a successful YOG LSA in 2022.

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