Ebenezer M. Olatunde

Ebenezer M. Olatunde

Ebenezer Olatunde Morakinyo

Ebenezer Olatunde Morakinyo is a lecturer in the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He was born on 23 February, 1954. Area of specialization is Organization and Administration of Human Kinetics and Sports with special focus on Sports Law. Prof. Morakinyo is a member of many academic organizations including but not limited Nigeria Physical, Health Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance, Secretary, International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance(African Region), Editor to ICHPERSD Journal, Nigeria Education Law. Apart from his academic work, he is also involved in Sports Administration through his membership of Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Secretary of Sports Organizing Commission of the Confederation of African Volleyball. He is a member of Nigeria Olympic Committee Technical Commission.

Sports Infrastructure Statium in Africa: A Legal Landmiune Waiting for Detonation

Provision of sports infrastructure and stadium are pre-requisites for sports development in all countries of the world. In providing these facilities, care need to be taken in construction and maintenance since they are legal landmines that could be detonated through acts of negligence committed by officials.Sports injury litigations are mostly based on negligence which is the most common source of liability in sports law. Negligence injuries in sports could be located in the realm of poor construction, lack of inspection, use of damaged facilities, defective equipment and hosts of other infractions. It is for this reason that steps need to be taken to prevent available infrastructures and stadium from becoming legal landmines that could explode and cause management paying high damages to the injured parties as decided by the courts.

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