Frankson M. Mushindu

Frankson M. Mushindu

Frankson Mayumbelo Mushindu

Engaging Boys and Young Men to protect Adolescent Girls and Women In Sport

1.0 Introduction

Sport in Action (SIA) was formed in 1998 with a vision “active, healthy and better living for all” and a mission to “use sport and recreation as a tool for development & social change”.

2.0 Background
Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) account for approximately one billion of the estimated 8 billion people in the world (UN Report 2013). This age group is vulnerable to Gender Based Violence (GBV) most perpetrated by the Adolescent Boys and Young Men (ABYM) on and off the sports field. It’s for this reason that SIA’s interventions aim at promoting and protecting AGYW by engaging ABYM in [84] schools and [178] communities to change their cultural and social norms that promote violence against AGYW.

3.0 Methods

i. Integrating anti GBV messages in sports leagues and Tournaments.
ii. Engagement of community Coaches, Teachers, Peer Leaders and other volunteers
iii. Use of sport celebrities as role models
iv. Use of Young Men as Equal Partners manual in the effective delivery of sessions.
v. Implementing activities in already existing structures for sustainability

4.0 Results

i. Reduction of GBV against women.
ii. Increase in girls’ and women participation in sport and leadership.
iii. AGYW and ABYM working together to reduce/prevent GBV
iv. AGYW equipped with life skills.
v. 47,000 ABYM are able to show behaviour that respects, protects and promotes women's right to live free of GBV,
vi. Who are able to demonstrate an increased knowledge and understanding about GBV,
vii. Display attitudes and dominant social norms that do not support or condone GBV and
viii. Protect AGYW from GBV

3.0 Conclusion

The engagement of ABYM has proved to be an effective methodology in protecting AGYW from GBV in sport and communities at large.

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