Iorwase Derek Kaka’an

Iorwase Derek Kaka’an

Iorwase Derek Kaka’an
Uiversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Director, Aeson Sports Management Company Ltd
Iorwase Derek Kaka’an is a football intermediary and director of Aeson Sports Management Company with a proven record of accomplishment in sports events management and marketing. He began his professional career as a sports management lecturer with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Cyberjaya, Malaysia, gaining unparalleled experience in educational sector, while also establishing himself as a respected football coach, he won several trophies with the Limkokwing University football team between 2010 and 2015, receiving numerous sports achievement awards for his contribution to sports development at the University, such as the Award of University Colors Achievement in Sports, 2011. Limkokwing University Presidential Award for Excellence and Creativity in 2013. He is currently studying for his Ph.D. in sports management at the National University of Malaysia (UKM).


Study and Play Initiative: The Advancement of Mass Football Participation Programs in Nigerian Schools for the Improvement of National Health, Education, Crime Control and Social Harmony.

This study assessed the mass football participation programs in Nigerian schools giving references to best international practices with a goal of identifying opportunities for development, and improvement of football developmental programs in Nigerian schools, as well as national health, education, crime control and social harmony. A questionnaire was developed for the following elements of the model: talent development; athlete support; facilities; competitions; intellectual services; partnerships; and, balanced funding and structures of mass and elite sport. Survey questions were validated by 12 experts including academicians, executives from sport governing bodies, football coaches and administrators. To determine best mass football participation programs in Nigerian, 120 coaches completed the questionnaire. Useful exemplars and possible improvements were further identified through semi-structured discussions with 10 football administrators and experts. Results suggested possible enhancements at macro level (e.g., new partnerships and incentives for greater public and corporate support of football), meso level (e.g., additional sources and models for better coach education and facilities), and micro level (e.g., lifelong guidelines for health and excellence of everyone). Detailed were ways to provide mass football programs to all schools in Nigeria, more football facilities and coaching affordable for all, therefore improving national health, education and crime control in Nigeria.

Co-author: Chucks Philip Amulum

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