Ishmael Manamela

Ishmael Manamela

Tlou Ishmael Manamela is an Entrepreneur, Owner/Director of BAT Bookstore, Past Lecture in Entrepreneurship and Small business Management. Marketing Management Graduate currently Studying for an MBA. He is a motivational speaker whose focus is on secondary students, Mentored a group of kids in conflict with the law to achieve silver in a soccer provincial tournament.

Exploring “Sportpreneurship” as a means to social Justice in South Africa

This paper is a product of a published book titled, ‘Sportpreneurship: Managing Your Sporting Career’ by Ishmael Tlou Manamela. The concept of ‘Sportpreneurship’ was coined by Mr Manamela as a response to the problem of under-preparing athletes for the limitless possibilities and opportunities that can be afforded to them as sports men and women. This problem persists despite efforts by the National Department of Sports and Recreation in South Africa to develop and promote the role of sports in addressing social ills like crime and abuse. Having employed a case study analysis method and having analyzed a number of cases at the national and international levels, a conclusion was reached that the perception of viewing sports as a mere extra-mural activity stunts it of its true potential role in society, depriving aspiring sports men and women of the opportunity to take advantage of possible economic opportunities that they may have if sports is given due attention.

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