Isiaka Oladele Oladipo

Isiaka Oladele Oladipo

Isiaka Oladele Oladipo
University of Ibadan

Dr. OLADIPO, Isiaka Oladele is an Associate Professor of Sports Science and Exercise Physiologist in the Department of Human Kinetics & Health Education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He did his undergraduate programme in University of Benin and finished with Second Class Honours Upper Division in 1991. He obtained his masters degree in 1995 and Doctor of Philosophy in Exercise Physiology in the year 2000 from University of Ibadan. He joined the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, University of Ibadan in the year 2001 as Lecturer II and called to Professorial Carder in 2014 as a Reader.
His extensive research work in the field of Exercise Physiology specifically focused on the following areas: Influence of Physical Fitness Components on Sports and Exercise Performance; Contribution of Physical Activity and Therapeutic Exercise to the Management of Selected Health Conditions and Disabilities, and Physiological Considerations for Talent Identification in Sports. He has over 50 publications in form of Chapters in Books and Journal Articles.
Dr. DELE OLADIPO was former elite football referee, currently a Premier League Football Referee Assessor, a FIFA Physical Fitness Instructor and a Consultant to Nigeria Football Federation on Sports Nutrition.


Nigerian schools sports competition and its roles in athletes’ identification and development

Sports is an integral part of the formal system of education in Nigeria. It is essential for the total development of an individual. Sport in Nigeria therefore is part of the school curriculum from nursery school to University level. Sports and Education are supposed to work hand in hand. The school system should offer all the boys and girls aspiring to become sports personalities the best opportunity, not only to pursue their dream but also to lay the foundation upon which their life will prosper. It is on this premise that this study examined the organization and administration of sports competition programmes in Nigeria’s Basic and Secondary Schools at the National, State and Local government levels. This, it is hoped, will facilitate identification of young and budding talented athletes. The findings revealed that the existing structure and plan for schools sports has a pathway that offers opportunity for development of athletes to realize their full potential.
It was concluded in the article that through the school system, opportunity can be given to students to develop their talents in cognitive and motor skills. The main challenge noticed lies on the nation’s unstable politics. It was recommended that efforts need to be intensified to identify and develop athletes in other popular sports so as to reduce scarcity and prepare abundance.

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