Kiberley J. Bodey

Kiberley J. Bodey
Indiana State University

Organizational justice: A Case Study of Female Sport Managers in Morocco

In recent decades, international sport reforms have been undertaken to challenge the status of women, create participation opportunities and increase the number of women in key decision-making positions. Recent social developments in Morocco including a greater number of women in the workplace, delayed marriage, decreased family size, and the new Family Law suggests a lasting change in the status of women has occurred. These notable social and political changes are likely to have a significant effect in the sport environment. Beugre [6] contends in the Spillover Model of Social and Organizational Justice that as social justice changes there is a corresponding change in organizational justice. In the case of female sport managers, as perceptions of fair treatment in society change there is a corresponding change in the perception of fair treatment in the sport environment.

The aim of this study was to examine the issue of fair treatment in women’s sport within the framework of organizational justice. More specifically, to what extent has social change “spilled over” into the sport environment in Morocco. Results indicated institutionalized practices that demonstrate responsiveness to global initiatives in women’s sport, consistency with the adopted new Family Law, and adaptation of the social trend to grant women more discretion in her choice of lifestyle have not occurred. However, there are signs of responsiveness which bodes well for the future.

Key words: Africa, gender, organizational justice, sport management


Kimberly J. Bodey is an assistant professor in the Department of Recreation and Sport Management at Indiana State University. She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in administrative theory and management practice, organizational leadership and ethics, and policy development and governance in recreation and sport management. Her research interests include how governance structure impacts ethical decision making and practice in sport organizations. Currently, she is working on special projects related to management theory, policy development and governance with sport administrators and educators in Morocco and Cyprus.

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