Linda K. Tuah

Linda K. Tuah

Just as I am passionate about sports, I am also equally passionate about helping the less privileged in deprived communities as well contributing to community development. This passion intensed after I read communication and media studies for my master’s degree course at the University of Education, Winneba. Reading this course also concertized the drive to help the less privileged in my community as stated earlier and women always find themselves as the less privileged in a patriarchal society where I come from. This drive also influenced the topic for my thesis which was to create the awareness of women who find themselves in a male dominate field like sports and for that matter sports journalism. I am either reading, listening to music, watching a football match which is my favorite game of sports or watching an investigative documentary in my leisure time.

Women in Sports Journalism: a Phenomenological Study of Selected Female Sports Journalists in Ghana

The study investigated the experiences of female sports journalists in Ghana. The study was based on the feminist and stereotype theories. The research investigated selected female sports journalists’ lived experiences and their perceptions on being in a male-dominated profession. The study was conducted using in-depth interviews with selected female sports journalists. The study revealed that sports journalism is clearly a gendered profession that not only welcomes men eagerly than women but also serves as a site for praising skills and values clearly marked as masculine. Women in the world of sports journalism are often overlooked and marginalized as they are deemed inferior in skills and knowledge to their male counterparts. Again, drawing on the feminist and stereotype theories, the study showed that, in sports journalism, women are treated as “outsiders” by virtue of their gender but “insiders” by their devotion to journalistic customs and values. Men therefore dominate and have all the authority in the field and this eventually leads to the underrepresentation of women in the sports journalism profession.

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