Lyndon J. Bouah

Lyndon J. Bouah

Lyndon J. Bouah
University of the Western Cape- ICESSD

I am the Chief Director for Sport in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. I am responsible for the promotion of sport and recreation in South Africa. I completed my doctorate in 2016 focusing on the implementation of the national sport and recreation plan of South Africa. I am a board member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Sport Science and Development.


School and university sport and their role in national policies

The Synopsis of the National Sport and Recreation Plan (NSRP) defined section two as the nucleus of the NSRP as it provides details of the three core pillars of implementation i.e. an active nation, winning nation and an enabling environment. These pillars are underpinned by transversal issues and utilising sport as a tool to achieve national and global priorities.
The active nation pillar comprises three strategic objectives, namely recreation, school sport and participation promotion campaigns. Within each of the three objectives the strategic objective is defined together with the performance indicators. The implementation plan is then given in tabular format with the following headings: Output, Key Activities, Responsible Delivery Partners and Timeline. The output is what will be achieved ultimately, with the key activity set out and the responsible delivery partner as well as the timeline identified. If the key activity is thus achieved the output should be made by the delivery partner in the stipulated time. The implementation plan thus identifies the actor (s), sets out a time frame and determines the activity that will lead to the output. The format is followed for School Sport and Participation Promotion Campaigns.
The winning nation pillar comprises of five strategic objectives namely, talent identification and development, athlete and coach support programme, domestic competitions, international competitions and recognition system.
The role of school sport and universities is succinctly set out in the NSRP with clear role definitions. This paper will highlight their specific roles.

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