Michel Alex Kipre

Michel Alex Kipre

Alex Kipre
I am journalist with the main government newspaper in Cote d’Ivoire, Fraternité Matin. I’ve published two books. Three manuscripts are in preparation to be published in 2018. I served as educational and psychology manager of the Academie Mimos Sifcom. A fooball training center that trained Kolo Toure, Yaya Touré, Gervinho, Ndri Romaric, Eboue Eemannuel and Kopa Barry. Through the the academy we helped these youth from the underprivileged neighborhood of Abidjan to become respectable men by dint of work and courage. These young men who became football stars became successful men now all over the world. At the beginning nothing guarantee our success. but looking back now, if I have to do it again I will. I still believe that education is key.

As journalist for a newspaper I work on cultural affairs and sport. Few years ago I led the magazine called Fratmag. In my books talk about my football experience. In the book entitled “Les secrets de l’Academie” my responsibility was to show how were able to educate and raise young boys to become young men and very respected people. and role models for the younger kids. I personally believe in the importance of education in our youth’s life for a better world.
We a few friends we launched a literature award called Grand prix Kailcedra des lycées et collèges. We have high school students as members of a jury select and elect the writer of year.

A dream that comes true

This is a fabulous story of a couple of young boys coming from poor suburbs of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, a shiny country of West africa. From poverty to wealth on a football playground, those kids trained by a group of coaches and trainers, led by an atypical french football thinker, Jean marc Guillou. By intense work, hard training, along with reading, art learning,and a lot of sacrifices, more than twenty kids, grew out their boyhood to become international football stars between 1993 and 2000, Yaya Toure, Zokora Maestro, Kolo Touré, Ndri Romaric, Eboue Emmanuel and so far and so forth are some of those young boys who became stars of English, Premiere League, La Liga, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester city, Seville, Stuttgart, Marseille etc. Over all, the Mimos Sifcom Academie, was not only a football succes but also a individual successes for the training staff and stars it produced. Through all these years the « Academiciens » will learn how to play football, to read, to joke, to behave in society, to manage their relationships, how to win, how to loose, how to make a living.

This fabulous adventure changed football face in Cote d’ivoire, and set for ever a standard for success goes with hard work and discipline. Mimos Sifcom Academie exprience is an example of success and dynamic human management. The experience was a perfect lively illustration of « Demin wheel ». Unfortunately, the experience will not survive money. The dynamic training staff will no leave the academy and the adventure will stop as well. Now the case is still in court while the boys continue shine. Will the they take over what raise them to the firmament of football?

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