Osifeko O. Remigious

Osifeko O. Remigious

I’m a PhD student at University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban South Africa. My discipline is Sport Science. The paper submitted was joint effort from friends at Michael Otedola College of Primary Education. Nigeria, they are academics staff . I specialize in sport and exercise psychology and physical activity promotion among adolescents.
I’m a member of international society of sport psychology.


Psychopathological Implication on Adolescent’s Participation in Junior Secondary Schools Sport in Epe L.G.A of Lagos State

Adolescence is a fundamental time when health related behaviors are formed and continue into adulthood. Some benefits of regular physical activity for men and women include bones, muscle, strengthening, and improvement on mental health and mood needs to be developed along with adolescence into adult. Failure of these factors can result to Psychopathological. Psychopathological is the physical, emotional mental disorder and neglect of adolescents. This adolescent’s neglect is a situation where adults fail to provide the needs of the child, such as the need for food, clothing, hygiene, nurturing, affection, education, medical treatment and isolating the child from interacting with other children around. The effect of Psychopathological in adolescents includes guilt, nightmares, depression, stress, frustration and poor academic performance. The study was to determine Psychopathological implication on adolescent’s participation in Junior Secondary Schools sport in Epe Metropolis of Lagos State. Survey research design was used for the study and the population includes all Junior Secondary School Students in Epe Metropolis of Lagos State. Four variables were tested for the study; the variables are stress, frustration, anxiety and depression. Twelve items questionnaire were used to glean data for the study. The instrument used was test re-test method with reliability of 0.86. Fifty copies of questionnaire were used on Junior Secondary School Students in Epe Metropolis using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Statistics to test the hypotheses at 0.05 alpha level. The four hypotheses tested contributed to the study. It was therefore recommended that there is need for intervention on adolescents health benefits, orientation for parents and teachers on all forms of adolescent’s participation in sports and consequent Psychopathological implication on adolescents for not involved in physical activity.

Co-author: Saseyi Olaitan

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