Sam Masingi

Sam Masingi

I’m a sport enthusiast who aims to address many of the issues that face us as a sporting nation. Apart from the technical and tactical issues that I am deeply passionate about, I see a need for transformation beyond rugby and cricket, but for ladies, township, and disability sport. As a matter of urgency, I aim to be one of the fillers of the many gaps that exist within South African sport research and literature.

Sport Participation and Substance Abuse Among South African Township Youths: Perceptions of Coaches, Parents, and School Teachers and Principals


The advent of the Nyaope epidemic has altered South African township life beyond recognition. Every other corner is littered with disgruntled, emaciated youth taking turns to inject themselves with the heroine variant which has remained uncontrollable. This comes after years of unsuccessful attempts by the government to quell the use of alcohol and tobacco among the youth.
Although there is significant research to support the influence of sport on academic performance and absenteeism, negligible studies focus on the influence of sport on substance abuse in South African townships. In townships like Mahwelereng in the Limpopo Province, the Department of Sport is hard at work advancing sport facility development in primary and high schools. The same, however, cannot be said of other townships in the country.
High Schools in the Bloemfontein area will be approached to take part in this study. Principals and teachers, as well as sports coaches and parents will form part of face-to-face interview sessions which will form the basis of the data collection process.
The data collected will provide research-based recommendations to the sleep-depriving issue of substance abuse among South African township youths.

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