Sarah Forde

Doing it ourselves: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in a girls’ football a nd health project in Kilifi, Kenya, East Africa
Sarah Forde

Monitoring and evaluating (M&E) is an essential process within the implementation of any sports in development program. It allows us to be more accountable to all stakeholders and to adapt our programmes to make them more effective. However there is very little information available on how M&E is carried out in sports in development projects in Africa.

This paper documents the monitoring and evaluation experiences of a small community based organization, Moving the Goalposts Kilifi (MTGK – in Kilifi district, Kenya. MTGK uses football to improve the life skills, such as confidence, leadership, self esteem and team work, of disadvantaged and vulnerable girls and young women. Through football girls can also improve their physical well being thr ough being ‘fit, active and strong’ . MTGK uses a ‘plus sport’ approach with football linked to wider health initiatives. Girls in Kilifi district are particularly vulnerable to teenage pregnancies and exposure to HIV so MTGK runs a peer education project on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and rights.

The core value of MTGK is girls’ participation in all aspects of the projects &nd ash; decision-making, leadership, organizing activities. This core value was employed when setting up a participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) system. In late 2005, with very limited resources and capacity, five girl volunteers and a team leader (staff member) started to develop PM&E for MTGK. This paper charts their progress, their achievements and their challenges. It will argue that PM&E can be fun and inclusive and, with good guidance, b e done by people with limited education and skills. Not only does PM&E improve accountability, it builds organizational capacity, motivates stakeholders and increases a sense of local ownership.

MTGK (2005) “Primary school tournament evaluation” unpublished: 65% of girls said that football has a positive impact on their body eg strong and active body, good health

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